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Join the Renewable Energy Revolution December 10th!

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All Our Products – Now Available For Order

Join CraftStrom in the renewable energy revolution! We are happy to announce our Kickstarter campaign for December 2020. After years of development, we have finalized our smart products and safety devices that allow for true Plug & Play installation – hassle-free and no permission/permits required.

All products are fully developed, but we do need your help in financing the tooling stage to get us ready for mass production. Please sign up below for up-to-date information on our campaign and your amazing benefits.

Starting at $799 USD for Early Bird Pricing

Let us know if you're interested in supporting our Kickstarter Campaign and which reward most interests you. This is not an official pledge, we're just gathering info as we the campaign and reward tiers.

Kickstarter Campaign Launches December 10th!

We’ve prepared a variety of Kickstarter reward-sets for you. You can choose to invest in only solar, or a variation including our Smart Battery. We do recommend a set of both, to ensure that you get to use 100% of your produced energy and have the ability to take it with you. If you’d simply like to support us, we also offer a small, portable solar panel with direct charging capabilities to keep your phone charged anywhere.

Be sure to scroll down in the reward section to inform yourself on the various options available to our supporters. We will be offering exclusive early-bird prices, for those who inform us during our pre-launch phase.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, either directly through our contact form, or in the Comments section in our Kickstarter campaign.

Unfortunately, due to the layout of Kickstarter campaigns, we only have the English version available. Our website, on the other hand, provides all information in German, as well.