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Are Plug-in Solar Panels Worth It? The True Cost of At-Home Plug-and-Play Solar

plug and play solar

The energy industry is abuzz with solar. Every day, solar seems to be in the news or popping up in ads on social media, but how practical is solar to the everyday energy consumer? The solar energy industry is becoming increasingly complex. What was once a cost-effective method to invest in renewable energy has since devolved into a system of bureaucratic red tape where utility companies try to punish solar users at every twist and turn. With newly imposed fees on selling excess electricity back to the grid and months (even years in some states) long waiting lists for solar installation, many energy consumers are turning to plug-in solar panels to generate their own electricity, reduce the cost of their monthly utility bill, and achieve energy independence. To find out if plug-in solar panels are worth it, continue reading below.

Plug-in Solar vs. Traditional Solar

While traditional solar offers users entirely renewable grid-free energy consumption, it’s not for everyone. As solar has become more readily accessible and advanced, utility companies have fought tooth and nail to regulate it into oblivion. The first major drawback of traditional solar panels is the cost of installation. Traditional solar installation costs can range anywhere from $3,500-$35,000, making solar a renewable energy pipe dream for many low and middle household income families. Plug-in solar, on the other hand, is an affordable way for homeowners and even renters to invest in clean, renewable energy and save money on their monthly utility bills, with a total cost of around $2,000.

Plug-in Solar isn’t Just for Homeowners

Plug in Solar

While solar installation is a lengthy installation process for homeowners, plug-and-play solar is as simple as online shopping. Get your home solar kit delivered to your door and set the app, your panel, and the battery on your own, with easy-to-understand instructions and no costly installation or permits needed. Plug-in solar isn’t just for homeowners. Renters can also take advantage of the cost-saving benefits that plug and play solar. If your utilities aren’t included in your rent, then a plug-and-play solar kit could save you thousands of dollars on your electricity cost. Traditional solar panel installation requires an enormous amount of space. A single plug-and-play panel takes up the same amount of room as a lounge chair, making solar accessible for renters and homeowners alike. With Craftstrom’s plug-and-play solar kit, you can turn a studio apartment with a balcony into your self-generating home.

Plug and Play Batteries are Versatile and Handy

Solar Battery

When you purchase a versatile, at-home solar kit, you’re not just investing in renewable energy and saving money, you’re taking steps toward disaster preparation and adventure readiness. The Craftstrom Solar Battery acts as a power generator during a crisis or when you’re on the road and want the convince of electricity by your side. Using only the sun, your easy-to-transport plug-and-play panel, the solar battery, and the Craftrom App, you can store hours and hours of usable energy. During power outages, plug appliances directly into the battery to run them as normal. If you’re hitting the road for a camping trip, the plug-and-play solar kit is the ultimate adventure companion.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to invest in a long-term renewable solution or a renter trying to shave some dollars off your costly monthly utility bill, Craftroms’s plug-in solar panel and battery kit are your ticket toward energy independence. Crafstrom makes solar accessible for all. If you’re looking to save costs while investing in a truly renewable energy option, head to our website to shop for plug-in solar panels, batter kits, converters, and more.