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350/300W Solar WiFi Inverter

The CraftStrom Micro Inverter produces a total of 350 W of power, and can be plugged directly into your household power outlet, feeding inverted power directly into your home grid.

320 W Solar Panel

Designed specifically to work optimally with our solar inverters and charge our battery, this 320W solar panel combines the best of all worlds.

1KWH Battery

The CraftStrom Battery is a portable, renewable battery.nAt only 18 x 6 inches (458 x 158 mm), and weighing only 22 Ibs (10 kg), the CraftStrom Battery is both small and light-weight.

600 Watt Offgrid Inverter

This is a replacement Off-Grid Inverter for our plug and play battery system. It allows you to power 120/230 Volt devices, with a wireless charging pad.

Solar Inverter AC to AC connector

The cable for connecting Multiple Craftstrom Solar Panels together in series. Plug only one cable into your power outlet.

300 Watt Battery Base

The CraftStrom Smart Base is what you’ll connect your CraftStrom battery to for discharging into your home and charging from solar on an A/C power outlet. 

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