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History of Craftstrom

We are a dedicated team of industry professionals with over 40 years of experience from a wide variety of fields. Our team consists of multiple engineers from the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, software development, with specializations in battery development, energy efficiency and machine learning

Industrial design, energy economics, marketing and other, equally important industries round out our team. It’s the diversity in professional experience that has helped us so far in the development of this ambitious project. This team was set up from within a group of friends, some of which studied and worked together, meaning that we were aware of our flaws and mannerisms.

All team members have been involved in startups before, either as founders or as initial employees. Some experiences had already taken us into the solar and battery industries, with valuable experience gained in the manufacture and certification of batteries.

But we also bring experience of failure, as one startup from within our group failed to gain any traction after considerable amounts of time and efforts were spent to realize a product (hardware and software). It’s this experience that we have used from the start to evaluate our ideas with customers and undertake continuous testing, as we go along.

We’re On Indiegogo!!

Join us in fighting climate change and order your Plug & Play solar panel and battery. Our products are ready for market, but we need your help in financing the certifications and tooling for the battery.

This is the very final step and we can’t wait to share our success with you. By clicking this button, you can sign up for our Indiegogo campaign and receive access to our best prices!

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