Craftstrom App

The CraftStrom App is a super-easy to use help for you to understand

  • How much electricity you’re producing
  • How your production is helping the environment, such as through reduction of CO2
  • If your system is working as expected
  • How much electricity you are using
  • How your production compares to your usage
  • How to save even more energy
  • How much electricity to send to the battery for later use

Download the App to learn more about how it can help you.

Use our App to monitor and control your products

Manage your battery charge and discharge cycles, or opt for the automatic management, which will be done by the App itself.

The Dashboard is the focal point for all information coming from your panel and battery, including the power meter.

Panels can monitored and controller, either individually or in total. This allows you to perfectly set up each panel for maximum gain and identify problems quickly.

The CraftStrom App

Control in real-time the status and functionalities of your equipment while using or charging it.

The CraftStrom App

You can check on your current and previous power levels anytime from anywhere in the world. You can even turn your panel off through our App.

The CraftStrom App

When and how your battery does charge and discharge, is up to you and easily programmed.

Share the effect of your eco impact with friends via social media, or simply keep a record for yourself. Use this and suggestions from the automated assistant to lower your power bill even further.