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The Future of Home Solar is here!

Solar & Home Batteries for anyone

How & Why

Our founding team became fed up and disillusioned with careers in the energy sector and oil and gas, they sought to find a renewable solution to rising energy costs that put the power in the hands of the consumer, not a fortune 500 utility company. CraftStrom’s plug-and-play solar panels and smart home battery allows customers to harness the power of the sun to generate and store electricity to use when they need it most. CrafStrom’s all-in-one-at-home solar solution saves you money on your electricity bill without the permits and restrictions of traditional solar.


With our sleek, modular design, homeowners and even renters can reduce their power bills using solar. This system has been sold in over 30 countries and is a safe and economical solution for anyone.



CraftStrom ’s Zero-Export Solar Power system guarantees that users utilize nearly 100% of their self-generated energy. The at-home solar system comes with a Power Meter that measures the home’s appliances’ power usage and eliminates excessive power generation to reduce waste. The meter also works to keep the plug-in solar system permit-free by balancing solar production and appliance power consumption.


This no-permit solar system is easy to install solar system can be set up on your own with no electrician or professional required for this no-interconnection-agreement-needed solar power system.


Solar for the everyday Homeowner & Renter 


CraftStrom ’s plug-and-play solar system was designed for the average homeowner and renter that wants to free themselves from utility company dependence, seasonal price gauging, and gain energy independence. CraftStrom makes renewable energy affordable for the everyday consumer.

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Plug-in Solar Made Simple


All you need to start saving money and generating your own energy is a sunny spot to mount the solar panels. A standard power outlet. Access to your breaker box & a WIFI Connection.

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Plug your panels into an outdoor power outlet. Register all devices with our app to monitor and control, and let the sun do the work. Production begins as soon as your at-home solar panel is plugged in!

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Produce with Hedy

2 x 200W or 4 x 100W Solar Panels feed power to the Smart Inverter, “Hedy.”

2 x 200W or 4 x 100W Solar Panels feed power to the Smart Inverter, “Hedy.” With Craftrom’s simple at-home solar system, you don’t worry about permits for the installation or selling your power back to the grid. There are no hidden costs. Use 100% of your solar power in your home and save money by drastically reducing the amount of utility power you usually buy! All wiring included!

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Measure with Grace

Measure your appliances’ power usage with our power meter, Grace, which keeps your solar system permit-free by balancing solar production and appliances’ power consumption.

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Store with Emily

Store power with our revolutionary rechargeable battery, Emily. Use power when you need it most or store it for a rainy day. Discharge your stored, solar-generated electricity through standard outlets in your home. You can even power your appliances directly from the battery during power outages.


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Main Battery w/ Smart Base vs. Extension Battery

All CraftStrom batteries store 1 kWh of power produced by your Plug-in Solar Panels. Each main batter comes with a Smart Base, which feeds a constant stream of 300W back to your appliances. If you need more power, add another Smart Base to your kit.

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Off Grid Add-on

Off Grid with Solar Power 


Go off the grid with our plug-in solar panel and Smart Battery. Each Smart Battery comes with a detachable Off Grid add-on that holds 2 AC outlets 600W – 1200 Peak & a wireless charger on top.    


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All Hardware & Software was designed in-house!

Power Meter, Panels/Inverter & Batteries are all designed and produced by CrafStrom! Our Wifi module is in all our products to assure seamless communication and balancing of power

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Power Distribution

Our Smart Solar System replaces electricity that you’d normally buy from your local utility company. The solar energy you generate and convert with your Plug-in Solar Panel and Smart Battery will automatically power your appliances at home. When your appliances need more power than what’s being generated by the sun, your system will automatically supplement your solar-generated energy with power from the grid. The Battery allows you to store power for nights, emergencies, and off-the-grid adventures.

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Easy Integration

Our sleek, aesthetically pleasing battery design fits into any home décor. Place your battery where you need it most, be it in the living room or elsewhere.

Safety Product | Ruth

Safe with Ruth

Our Safety Gate Adapter, which we affectionately call Ruth, is a sophisticated patented technology that ensures our products run according to the National Electric Code in the USA. Ruth works similarly to a standard circuit breaker in your home but is plugged into the power outlet before our products.


Emergency Backup

In emergencies, when the grid is down due to a natural disaster or inclement weather, use your Plug-in Solar Panel and Smart Battery as a power generator. Our Smart Battery works as Uninterruptible Power Supply when you plug the most crucial appliances directly into the power outlets at the top of the battery. (Off Grid Inverter).

Off-Grid Use

To use our Smart Solar System off-grid, simply plug the solar panel directly into the battery with the supplied adapter cable. Charge to 100% capacity in 4 hours and you’re ready for adventure.

CraftStrom App

Manage your battery charge yourself and discharge cycles or opt for automatic management. The Dashboard is the focal point for all information coming from your panel and battery, including the power meter. Panels can be monitored and controlled, either individually or all together. This allows you to set up each panel for maximum gain and identify problems quickly.

Full Visibility

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