350/300W Micro Inverter


CraftStrom Micro Inverter

The CraftStrom Micro Inverter conveniently connect to the CraftStrom Solar Panel.

At only 10 x 8 x 6 inches (255 x 204 153 mm), and weighing only 10 Ibs (4.54 kg), the CraftStrom Micro Inverter contains a small, light-weight footprint.

The CraftStrom Micro Inverter produces a total of 350 W of power, and can be plugged directly into your household power outlet, feeding inverted power directly into your home grid. Since something is always running in your house to consume power, the additional power is consumed internally in your house, resulting in no power being fed back into the local power grid.

The Micro Inverter also contains a wi-fi module, allowing it to connect to the CraftStrom Smart Base wirelessly, so both units can be monitored and controlled with the free CraftStrom Mobile App.

For the best setup, we also offer the CraftStrom Solar Panel bundled with the Craft Strom Inverter.

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