Monitor and Control Your Devices

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Our app is the best way to manage your energy.

Control in real-time the status and functionalities of your equipment while using or charging it.

Control your battery usage

Manage your panels

Enable or disable battery functionality

ECO Impact: energy generated yearly

Control your electricity generation easily

You can check on your current and previous power levels anytime from anywhere in the world. You can even turn your panel off through our App. The graphs show you how much electricity you have produced either in total, or daily, weekly or monthly. Detailed numbers are shown when you touch the line on each graph. The second graph depicts power levels your panel has reached on a daily basis.

Tell your batterywhat to do

When and how your battery does charge and discharge, is up to you and easily programmed. For Charging Mode you only once provide basic input how much electricity your home uses by answering simple questions and then you let your App do the work. You can even set to charge the battery from the Grid to take advantage of price differences throughout the day or nigh or if you want to have 100% loaded battery at a certain time.


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