CraftStrom Device Setup

In this article we will help you set up your CraftStrom solar panel from your laptop or desktop computer. Please keep this guide open while you’re following the steps in another browser tab or window.


Let us first cover the preliminary steps before we get into the actual configuration.

Physical requirements

To follow these steps, we assume that you have followed the manual to correctly mount and connect your solar panel, the accompanying micro-inverter and that there is enough sun while you are doing these steps to power the integrated WiFi module (indicated by the green LED being turned on). If the LED on the micro-inverter is not green or it’s switching between red and green, it is better to wait for some more sun or to better position your solar panel. A stable solar power supply will make the procedure much easier to follow.

Software requirements

We assume that you have already downloaded the CraftStrom mobile app from Apple App Store or from Google Play and that you have signed up for your CraftStrom user account from the mobile app. If you haven’t done that already, go do that now, because you will need your CraftStrom user credentials later.

Have you connected your device to a WiFi network before?

Before starting, we need to check if your device has already been (wrongly) configured in the past. Have you perhaps configured it already with a WiFi network in a different location? Have you accidentally entered a wrong WiFi password during a previous setup attempt? If any of these is true, you will need to factory reset your CraftStrom solar panel. If you are unsure, it doesn’t hurt to do this step anyway – any data we might have stored for your device will still be there once you reconfigure your CraftStrom solar panel.

If you decide that you need to factory reset your device, you can achieve this by physically interacting with the “RST” button on your CraftStrom solar panel’s micro-inverter. You need to do the following:

  1. press and hold the button for 5 seconds
  2. release for 2 seconds
  3. press and hold again for 5 seconds.

Once you’re done, the solar inverter will flash green shortly and will initiate a factory reset and a reboot which will take a few seconds. After the device is booted up again, you will see that there is a HF-A11x_AP WiFi network available if you check from your computer’s network settings.

In any case, if you can see your device’s WiFi access point, no matter if it’s the original CS-<device ID> or HF-A11x_AP SSID you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Web interface configuration

Now that everything is ready, let’s go through the actual configuration of your CraftStrom solar panel.

Connect to your device’s WiFi access point

First, connect your laptop or desktop computer to the solar inverter’s WiFi access point – its SSID will be CS-<device ID> or HF-A11x_AP if you’ve done the factory reset. After connecting to this interface you will temporary lose internet access, as you’ll be connected directly to your solar panel’s micro-inverter. Now open a new tab or window in your web browser and enter the url . You will be asked for a username and password – they are admin / admin.

CraftStrom solar panel web interface login

CraftStrom solar panel web interface login

Press “Sign in” and you will be taken to the CraftStrom micro-inverter’s web interface which we will next use to set the correct preferences.

Setting preferences via the web interface

We need to open 3 sections in the sidebar, configure the right settings and only in the end reboot the device.

I. Working mode configuration

In the section “Mode Selection” select STA Mode, i.e. Station Mode and press “Apply”.

CraftStrom solar panel web interface mode

CraftStrom solar panel web interface mode

II. STA interface settings

Next in the STA Interface Setting section (you can skip the AP Interface Setting section) press “Search” and choose your home WiFi network from the list. Note that your network needs to be configured as a 2.5 GHz WiFi network. If it isn’t, please consult your network administrator to enable this WiFi frequency.

CraftStrom solar panel web interface wifi

CraftStrom solar panel web interface wifi

After selecting your WiFi network from the list, you will be asked to enter the pass phrase. Enter your home WiFi password into this field and press “Apply” below STA Interface Parameters. The security settings will be configured correctly automatically, so you don’t need to change them.

III. WiFi-Uart settings

Now open the Application Setting section and select “client” mode from the dropdown and enter the following information for the two Network Setting fields:

  • Server Address:
  • Port: 8899
CraftStrom solar panel web interface – application

CraftStrom solar panel web interface – application

Do this and press “Apply” below Network Setting. Leave everything else as it was.

IV. Reboot the device

Lastly, in the Device Management section press the “Restart” button. After this your device will be rebooted to apply all the settings. After it boots up, it will connect to your home WiFi network.

CraftStrom solar panel web interface – reboot

CraftStrom solar panel web interface – reboot

Now that you’ve configured your CraftStrom solar panel to connect to the internet, switch your laptop or desktop computer back to your home WiFi network as well, so that you get internet access again. You’ll need internet access for the next step.

Register your device

After you have correctly connected your CraftStrom solar panel to the internet, please register your device on our registration website using your CraftStrom email and password (that you chose when creating your account in the CraftStrom mobile app). You can read the device ID from the barcode sticker on your solar panel’s micro-inverter. This registration tells our server to which account your new CraftStrom solar panel belongs to, so that we can help you visualise your solar power generation data in your CraftStrom mobile app.

CraftStrom solar panel registration

CraftStrom solar panel registration

Finishing up

If you followed all the steps successfully, you should see the data in your mobile app shortly after your solar panel starts generating power. Congratulations! If you experience any issues, please contact our customer support and we will hopefully sort everything out.