Zero-Export Solar Power – Plug&Play for Your Convenience

It is our goal to provide anyone the opportunity to invest in renewable energy and join us in this revolution. To achieve this, we have created a suite of products that allow you to easily install your own, personal solar + battery system within 10 minutes. All you need are standard power outlets. Zero-export means no requirement for permits or electricians.

No matter your circumstances, our plug&play products are your gateway.

Stephan & Michael Scherer


< Plug&Play Solar

Simply plug our solar systems in any standard power outlet. Monitoring App included.

Plug&Play Batteries >

The perfect complement to your plug&play solar system.

Let us show you how our system will work for you...


Setup your panel using any standard power outlet in ten minutes or less.
Upgrade to more panels anytime, as your family grows.


Minimize your utility bill with free solar power.
Following the path of least resistance, your solar power will replace utility-grid electricity.


Measure your appliances’ power usage.
Keeps your solar system permit-free by balancing solar production and appliances’ power consumption. You use 100% of your solar power in your home.


Store power for when you need it most. Discharge through standard outlets into your home.
Our AI will find your optimal power balance.
Add more storage at any time.
Power your appliances during outages and on the road.

Production starts immediately and your appliances will use your solar power first, then buy more power from your utility, when needed. Excess power can be stored in your Smart Battery.

And if the power ever goes out, or you want to use your solar energy on-the-go, panel and battery will also work off-grid...


User-Friendly Design

    • Everything included to go solar immediately.
    • Sets up in 10 minutes using standard power outlets.
    • Lightweight for easy and safe installation.
    • Free App shows production, usage and storage.
    • AI helps you optimise your energy balance.

Permit Free

    • Use 100% of your solar power at home – hence the name “zero-export”
    • Interconnection agreement not required, but possible.
    • Our tech ensures that you never produce more power than you need.

Electric Code Compliant

    • Products are tested & certified.
    • Accessories ensure you cannot install incorrectly.


    • New to solar? Start small!
    • Add solar panels at any time. Max 1600W (5 panels) on one power outlet.
    • Connect up to 4 batteries for 4kWh in storage.
    • Use more than one outlet for even more power.

Craftstrom App

Use our App to monitor and control your products. Manage your battery charge and discharge cycles, or opt for the automatic management, which will be done by the App itself.

The Dashboard is the focal point for all information coming from your panel and battery, including the power meter.

Panels can monitored and controller, either individually or in total. This allows you to perfectly set up each panel for maximum gain and identify problems quickly.

Award winning Design


In these Countries
  • United States (24 States)
  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Curacao
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Portugal
  • Perto Rico
  • Singapore
  • Slovakia
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates


“I bought a 3 panels and 2 batteries! Panels arrived in the mail and I was able to plug it in and register in a few minutes.. They looks super clean and work like a charm. App works great and shows me how much each panel is producing. Can’t wait for my batteries to arrive! Very cool and innovative product.”
Trevor B.

Chicago, IL

“We have been using the Craftstrom folding solar panel for several months on our off-grid vans, we are thrilled with the performance!! It is awesome to have a plug’n’play, folding PV array that puts out the voltage needed to charge our 24v and 48v systems. Kudos!!”
Pikavo Van Outfitters

“My Smart Solar Panels arrived in sleek packaging with easy to follow set up instructions. In just a few minutes, the panels were on my roof terrace soaking in the Texas sun and generating power.
Supporting CraftStrom has been the best decision I’ve made in this Covid online shopping era.
The guys at CraftStrom have been everything you expect from a startup – very passionate founders and masters of their craft. Excited to help and educate, they were prompt to respond to any inquiry or concern in a surprisingly timely manner.
Throughout the development process, they kept me informed and have checked with me after to make sure I’m happy with their product.
I built a simple table to mount the panels. I can’t wait to see how this investment will impact my grid consumption and how it will help minimize my carbon footprint.
Thank you to the guys at CraftStrom. I’m excited to see what else you guys come up with.”
Jean C.

Houston, TX

Our Products

Smart Panel Kits

The Smart Solar Panel consists of our ultra-portable 320W solar panel, the WiFi-equipped solar inverter and a 15 foot cable to plug it into any outlet connected to your home.

Battery Kits

There are a host of possibilities to charge and run devices directly from the SMART battery system. You can use the battery also as an Uninterruptible Power Supply, when you’re not using it outdoors.

Solar + Battery Kits

Our best bundles. Get everything you need to take full advantage of the CraftStrom system, and save! Free CraftStrom Mobile App available in app stores for monitoring and control of individual panels.

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