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Generate your own plug & play renewable energy anywhere

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Modular design for any size home


Installation in less than 20 mins and no electrician needed


Portable, Plug & Play and works everywhere with sunlight


Just one panel produces up to 20% of your annual energy consumption.


Tailored for use in urban areas, very applicable for apartments & houses

User Friendly

Comes with an app to manage your panels and the energy flow

Power Your Appliances with Craftstrom

Sample Data: One Smart Panel / Yearly Production of 506 kWh

Fridge/top freezer combination @24h/d, 365 d/y - usage 400 kWh


50” LED T, 4h/d, 365 d/y - usage: 100 kWh

TOTAL = 500 kWh

Dishwasher, 7 cycles/week @ 1 kWh/cycle - usage: 364 kWh


Washer, 4 cycles/week @ 0.6kWh - usage:125 kWh

TOTAL = 489 kWh

Craftstrom Smart Solar Panel

The CraftStrom Smart Solar Panel comes with everything you need to install your first solar power plant at home. No electrician and no permissions needed – all you need is a standard power outlet. Our App will connect to it using your home WiFi and let you manage it from anywhere in the world.

Become part of the renewable energy revolution with no strings attached. We developed this product with simplicity and elegance in mind, for those city dwellers and renters, who thought solar was not for them. Use your own creativity to install it just about anywhere. With its minimal size and weight, it is ideal for installation on balconies or fences. It also doubles as an ultra portable solar panel for our Smart Battery.


Craftstrom Smart Battery

Our Smart Battery was developed with dual use in mind. Use it at home to buffer some of the electricity you’ve produced, to save money in the evenings, or when electricity is the most expensive. When at home, it will communicate with our Smart Solar Panel using WiFi to optimally charge and discharge.

In addition, it doubles as an emergency UPS and outdoor battery. Similarly to the Smart Solar Panel, this battery was designed for use with any standard power outlet at home, but can be disconnected from the smart electronics to carry with you.

You decide to either manage the battery yourself, or relax and let our App help you create individual plans to save money for you.


CraftStrom App

The free CraftStrom App allows you to interact with your smart products. Manage your solar production and smart battery usage, or share your success in CO2 offsetting with your friends on social media.

Our App provides transparency into your power production and consumption. Audit your monthly power bill and learn how to save even more money with our simple tips&tricks.


Craftstrom Safety Products

We provide all equipment you need to install our full solar and battery system without any hassles. The safety products we develop are based on years of research in laws and regulations.

We understand how daunting the permitting process can be, so why not let us deal with it. Safety features allow you to adhere to national electric codes and other, important legal requirements.


Lower Your Electric Bill

Your Cost Savings

Saving money with CraftStrom products is easy and it starts as you buy them…

  1. Small Initial Investment | With traditional solar and battery tech, you buy the materials, but then pay for the installation company, the electrician, the permitting process with your local grid owner, etc. With CraftStrom, the installation is so easy, you won’t need anyone’s help. All our products connect to any standard power outlet, so you won’t need an electrician. Using our full product ecosystem, you won’t even have to engage with your local utility, as all your produced power will stay within your home, or ‘behind the meter’, as it’s called.
  2. Quick Payoff | You not only benefit from a small initial investment. Because our solution is modular and you can adjust the size of your CraftStrom system according to your needs, you can also start small, then upgrade later. Pay off the system in as little as 5 years, leaving you with 4 times as much time to profit from your home setup.
  3. Peak Power Offset | Many of our customers have power contracts that shift prices throughout the day and season. Mostly, this means that prices increase in the late afternoon and are cheapest in the early mornings. Solar power typically peaks around noon, when demand for power is lowest. Using our Smart Battery, we can shift your power production to exactly that time of the day and reduce your power bill even further.
  4. Solar Production | This is the most obvious benefit you have from your own solar array. Place one or more solar panels on your terrace, balcony, garden, wherever you have space, and watch your power production increase, while you power purchase is reduced by that amount. Essentially, you don’t sell electricity to the power company – you simply buy less from them, increasing your independence.

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