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It’s our mission to provide accessible, affordable renewable energy to every home.

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Plug and Play Solar in Action

CraftStrom plug-in solar and battery kits safely reverse-feed power through standard home outlets to your appliances, utilizing your existing house wiring! The PowerMeter works to lower the amount of electricity drawn from your energy provider and give you energy independence without feeding power back to your utility. We are a zero backfeed system!

solar panel
solar panel

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Craftstrom’s revolutionary plug-in solar technology was designed to lower your electricity bill and provide energy independence. Our solar battery allows you to store excess power and use it when you need it, like in the case of a natural disaster, in the middle of summer when your energy bill is the highest, or even on the road to power your campsite.

User Friendly

User Friendly Solar

Our easy-to-use Smart Battery charges from your standard home outlets. There’s no need for permits or costly installations. Simply scan the barcode on your solar battery, download the app, and begin your plug-in solar journey toward energy independence.

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Modular Solar Batteries

One battery is all you need, but the more, the merry. With multiple solar batteries, you can expand to 4 kwh.

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Communication & AI

The entire CraftStrom system works in unison. The Smart Battery communicates with the power meter, solar panels, and inverter to charge and store energy when excess power is generated. Use the app to change the settings of your battery to choose how you use and store your solar-generated energy or let AI do the work for you.

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Affordable Plug-in Solar

At home solar has never been more accessible. With no costly installations, permits, or electricians needed, Craftstrom’s plug-and-play solar and battery kit is the most affordable and effective at-home solar option. Scaling is easy and cheap with extension batters. Extension batteries do not contain smart technology, so using them is an easy and affordable way to lower the price per kWh.


Configure your Solar&Battery kit

Choose your ideal Solar Panel Kit and Home Battery Kit - all cables and products to complete the installation are included!

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“I bought 3 SolarKits and 2 batteries! The panels arrived in the mail and I was able to connect and register them in minutes. They look super clean and work like a charm. The app works great and shows me how much each panel is producing.”

Trevor B. / Chicago, IL

My Smart Solar Panels arrived in elegant packaging with easy to understand assembly instructions. In just minutes, the panels were up on my rooftop, soaking up the Texas sun and generating electricity. Supporting CraftStrom was the best decision I've made in this Covid online shopping era. The guys at CraftStrom were everything you would expect from a startup - very passionate founders and masters of their craft. This investment significantly lowers my grid consumption and helps me minimize my carbon footprint. Many thanks to the guys at Craftstrom. I'm excited to see what else you guys come up with."

Jean C. Houston, TX

“We have been using the Craftstrom solar panel for our off-grid vans for several years, we are delighted with the performance!! It's great to have a plug and play PV array that provides the voltage needed to charge our 24V and 48V systems. Kudos!!"

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