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320 Watt CraftStrom Panel

SunPower Cells | Foldable & Flexible

Highest Quality

The 320W panel features high efficiency SunPower PV cells, allowing for electricity production in any environment and weather.

Designed in-house for highest quality and superior battery-charging capabilities.


Ultra Light

Mounting solar panels is made easy, when it only weighs 18lbs (8kg).

Each panel features 16 metal eyelets, which allow you to easily fasten it to any surface, using screws, zip-ties or anything else you can think of.



Comfortable Fit

Its unique design is semi-flexible and foldable.

Fold it up for easy transport or use its exceptional capabilities to mount your panels more easily.


Make it Smart

Combine each solar panel with our Smart WiFi Inverter to feed free electricity directly into your home. Connects to any standard power outlet and powers your home.


3x 100 Watt Panels

Standard Cells | Flexible Solar Panels

More Flexibility

These 100W panels are not of the same efficiency, as our 320W panels, but are even more flexible.

Priced lower than our 320W panels, these panels offer a good alternative.


Make Them Smart

While not as efficient or convenient as our 320W panels, three of these ultra-flexible panels combine with one CraftStrom Smart WiFi Inverter to directly power your home.


The CraftStrom Smart Solar Inverter

Stay On Top with Your Solar Production

Direct Power

Solar Micro Inverters convert the solar panel’s direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), allowing you to use solar power in your home.

Enjoy solar power using nothing but a standard power outlet.

Quality & Safety

This solar inverter replaces typical string inverters, ensuring that each solar panel has its own intelligent inverter, therefore guaranteeing better output reliability.

Features Automatic Shut-Down in case of power failures – guaranteed safety for linemen, emergency services and DIYers. Certied to UL / CE / VDE / FCC.e.


Understand the Power Balance at Home

Utilising WiFi, it reports to our AI that also receives data form your Power Meter. We ensure that your panels will never produce more than what is needed by your appliances.

This is also an opportunity for the system to charge the Smart Battery. If the panels could produce more than the Appliances need, then the Battery can be charged for your power needs in the evening.

All of this can be viewed, monitored & adjusted in your free CraftStrom App!



  • 350W Rated Output Power
  • Max 400W Solar Input
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • WiFi and App monitoring system included
  • Daisy chain cables (included in larger bundles)
  • Reverse Power Transmission
  • High-precision meter

The Smart Battery System

Save Money at Home and be Prepared for Emergencies

Hybrid Power

Our Smart Home Battery is the first true hybrid battery for your home and adventures.

Connects to any standard power outlet at home to charge from your solar system and discharge back into your home after dark.

Communicates with you and the solar panels via WiFi.

Includes an Artificial Intelligence that learns from your solar output to optimize your power balance at home.

Modular Power

The CraftStrom Smart Home Battery was also designed as a modular system.

Start with one battery that includes everything you need to expand to 4 kWh. Each battery has a capacity of 1 kWh.

Each battery functions as its own unit of portable power, so you can leave some at home to save you money, while taking one for your mobile power requirements.

Expansion batteries do not include the Smart technology and bring the price/kWh down to amazing levels.


Power Setup

The base battery consists of three pieces

The Battery

Lithium Iron Phophate (LiFePO4) cells are combined to create a capacity of 22 Ah in a 48 V configuration. DC charging is possible at the front, which also includes an OLED display and the DC charging port, which allows for direct charging from our 320W solar panel.

The On-Grid Smart Base

Houses our proprietary bi-directional 300W inverter with dynamic power adjustment that allows you to charge, but also discharge into your home power grid. Charging- and discharging power can be adjusted automatically or manually.

Not using a lot of power at the moment? No worries, the battery knows how much solar power you have and how much you need.

The Off-Grid Inverter

600W (1200W surge) of AC power avaiable to you, anytime.

The Benefits

  • A hybrid on-grid and off-grid battery
  • Saves money while working on-grid
  • Supplies emergency power off-grid (max 1200W surge)
  • Wireless fast charging dock
  • 2x USB Type A outputs and 1x USB Type C output´
  • 1kWh modular capacity – extend to up to 4kWh per smart base
  • Add more batteries on multiple circuits
  • Much lower investment than traditional home batteries
  • Portable (off-grid use)
  • No building permits
  • No electrical permits
  • No installation costs or warranty issues
  • No HOA issues

The Power Meter

Measure your utility power consumption

Install this for permission free use of the Smart Solar Panel and/or the Smart Battery. Using two clamps to wrap around the main power lines in your breaker box, it will measure total electricity consumption in your home and report to you in real-time. Your Craftstrom App will ensure that all of the electricity you produce will be used by you in your home.

Installation is done by simply clamping the sensors around the mains, as is shown in the manual – no tools required. The Power Meter does require an external power supply and can be plugged into any outlet.

The Safety Gate Adapter

Your intelligent circuit guard

The Safety Gate Adapter is a patented tech to ensure our products are plug&play, yet safe according to the National Electric Code in the USA. It works similarly to a circuit breaker in your home but is plugged into the standard power outlet, before our products.

We include this safety device in all sets within the USA. European customers do not require this item.

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