CraftStrom Smart Solar


Solar Panels

The solar panel was designed in-house specifically Engineered for use with our battery. 16 eyelets allow you to secure the solar panel on any surface.

  • Walls
  • Fences
  • Roofs
  • Balconies
  • Trees
  • Railings
  • Car roofs
  • Ship decks

At a Glance

 – Ultra-Thin at 0.12 in (3mm)
– 181bs (8kg) Total Weight
– Up to 1,700 Watt-Hours Per Day

Craftstrom panels do not require frames or safety glass making them lighter and more flexible than other solar panels. The ETFE top-layer ensures decades of use, and resilience in any environment.


The Wi-Fi enabled Battery System communicates with your other products via the Craftstrom App. The  Smart Inverter Base plugs into any standard power outlet. Uses your home or solar power to charge and discharge as needed.

The Benefits:

  • – Lower investment
    – Portable
    – Modular design
    – No building permits
    – No electrical permits
    – No installation costs or warranty issues
    – No lease contracts
    – No HOA issues

Solar Inverter

Solar Micro Inverters convert the solar panel’s direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), allowing you to use solar power in your home. Our micro inverters are certified to work grid-connected, meaning they were designed to ensure the safety of any linemen or emergency services working around your home. Enjoy solar power using nothing but a standard power outlet.


  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • WiFi and App monitoring system included
  • Reverse Power Transmission
  • High-precision meter

Safety Gate Adapter

The Safety Gate Adapter is a patented tech to ensure our products are plug&play, yet safe according to the National Electric Code in the USA. It works similarly to a circuit breaker in your home but is plugged into the standard power outlet, before our products.

We include this safety device in all sets within the USA. European customers do not require this item.

Power Meter

Install this for permission free use of the Smart Solar Panel and/or the Smart Battery. Using two clamps to wrap around the main power lines in your breaker box, it will measure total electricity consumption in your home and report to you in real-time. Your Craftstrom App will ensure that all of the electricity you produce will be used by you in your home.

Installation is done by simply clamping the sensors around the mains, as seen in below picture, no tools required. The Power Meter does require an external power supply and can be plugged into any outlet.

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