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How It Works – At Home

You don’t have to have a full-blown solar array on large plots of land. With classic systems, you’re paying for way more than just the solar panels and battery cells. Any offer you get will include added costs for the installation, the roof mounting system, electrical works and many more. The cost of our system is transparent – there are no added fees.

Check out the chapter on cost savings for detailed information, at the bottom of the page.

The Smart Solar Panel and the Smart Battery will work together, using WiFi, to optimally use your solar power within your home and avoid back-feeding into the public grid. This way we can ensure that you really use 100% of your electricity, while avoiding having to deal with authorities.

Simply install the solar panel using zip ties, place the battery in your home and register the devices using our app. Our AI-powered software will then create an individual charging/discharging plan using weather forecasting. Using our power meter, you’ll see how much electricity you’re using in your home and can then use that information to save money even more efficiently.

  1. Unpack/unfold
  2. Zip-tie the solar panel to your balcony, or screw it onto a fence…it’s up to you. We also have a nifty mount that we offer, which allows for even greater installation flexibility and even adjustments in the angle towards the sun.
  3. Connect cables with snap connectors
  4. Plug the Smart Solar Panel and/or the Smart Battery into any standard power outlet (using our Safety Gate Adapter) – production will start immediately.
  5. Clip the power meter into the circuit breaker box (no tools needed).
  6. Register all devices with barcodes in our free App.

 Power Appliances Indoors

65 Inch LED TV
120w – 9h

Food Blender
300w – 3.5h

Xbox One
110w – 9h

Fridge / Freezer
150h – 8h

35w – 30h

Garage Door
300w – 3.5h

Air Purifier
25w – 40h

Sound System
100w – 10h

Portable AC Unit
250w – 7h

Washing Machine
500w – 2h

How It Works – On the go

Whether it’s music or photography equipment – our daily lives are more and more dependent on electricity – privately and professionally. Let us help you save power and money at home, but use the battery also for power on-the-go. Charge multiple batteries at home, so you can leave at least one to keep saving money, while up to three additional batteries can be charged for other uses, as well.

When you’re ready to go off-grid, simply disconnect the panel from its inverter, grab the battery out of its smart base and take them with you. Our panel folds up to its quarter size and only weighs about 18 pounds (8kg).

Smart Battery Power Capability – On The Go

500W – 40Miles


Bluetooth Speaker
100w – 10h

Electric Blanket
200w – 5h

Drill Battery
70w – 12h

How It Works – In Emergencies

Be prepared without having to buy an additional device. Whether you need emergency power in your home or outdoors, our solar panel + battery combo is a sophisticated partner in need. We’ve designed almost all components of the CraftStrom ecosystem in-house to ensure maximum benefit.

You can use the solar panel (without the inverter) and the battery (without its base) by connecting them directly to one-another. This means that the solar panel and battery are optimally balanced. Charging the 1kWh battery directly from the solar panel takes only 4 hours. You can continuously power important appliances and devices, such as refrigerators or medical respiratory ventilators.

Smart Battery Power Capability – Emergency Use

CPAP Breathing
40w – 25h

Portable AC Unit
250w – 7h

Infusion Pump
25w – 40h

130w – 7.8h

125w – 8h

How It Works – Economically

But what are your financial benefits?

The first benefit is realized when buying our products, as you save on installation, operational and balancing system costs. This way we can offer you lightweight solar panels for extra mobility, but at the low price of 2.49 $/Watt, which is below the current average price for solar installations. You do not have to install enough solar panels to offset your entire electricity consumption – every bit helps!

Customers in Southern States or countries will be able to pay off their panels in as little as 5 years.

Electricity Price Peak Times

For our customers with variable electricity prices, this is a common issue: Extremely high electricity prices are usually scheduled in the afternoon, as power demand increases and solar output decreases.

Total Benefit of Solar+Battery

To counter this effect, our Smart Battery ensures that your electricity production is spread-out throughout the day, especially in the afternoons and evenings. You can even tell it to buy cheap electricity from the grid and discharge that cheap electricity in the late morning, effectively giving you two cycles – one arbitrage and one with your own solar production.

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