Learn More About Our Plug & Play Systems


How the Craftstrom Ecosystem Works:

Our product ecosystem was designed to work hand-in-hand with what you already have in your home. All products connect to your home using any standard power outlet and to your WiFi.

By combining these two resources in your home, we can ensure that you maximize solar production at home, use 100% of it and manage it intelligently. The Smart Solar Panel will start producing electricity immediately after plugging it into the outlet. When you connect the battery and register both devices using our App, they will start communicating. By always knowing the solar panels current production, the battery can immediately adjust to avoid purchasing electricity.

Your electricity production will be split up with part being used directly and immediately by your home appliances. The remaining power will be used by our smart battery to charge its cells. How your solar power is split up can either be decided by you or automated using our App.

Since you’ll be using our products in your home exclusively, or “behind the power meter”, you won’t need to worry about getting permission from your local utilities. To provide you with this convenience, we have combined our main products with a host of safety features and devices.

Your benefit comes from a combination of cool factors:

  • You’ll produce your very own electricity from a free power source – our sun – for decades. We provide a guarantee of 80% solar output for 25 years.
  • The battery will store as much or as little power as you prefer for later use. Since not everyone can use 100% of their solar power at the time of production, it’s imperative that you have storage capabilities. Simply use the battery power in the evenings, or on the go.
  • You can also charge the battery with electricity from the public grid to take advantage of cheaper, morning power rates.
  • If you’re with a utility that provides variable power rates, you can add charging cycles to buy electricity when it’s cheap and use it when it’s more expensive.
  • Since our system is portable, you have the additional benefit of being able to take your battery and solar panel with you for long weekends, for instance, or in emergencies. It automatically becomes a renewable energy UPS.

Getting Started with Your Craftstrom System

1. Set up Your Craftstrom Solar Panel

You will receive a lightweight box with everything you need to immediately connect your first solar power plant using only a standard power outlet in your home. We provide you with a 320W foldable solar panel that is glass-thin, but still super strong, as well as a 350W inverter. The inverter simply ensures that your electricity production matches your home electricity and that it is transmitted safely. You can daisy-chain up to 5 panels per power outlet, but be sure to use our safety devices.

Setting up our solar panel is so easy, you won’t believe that this hasn’t been around longer…

1. Unpack/unfold

2. Zip-tie the solar panel to your balcony, or screw it onto a fence…it’s up to you. We also have a nifty mount that we offer, which allows for even greater installation flexibility and even adjustments in the angle towards the sun (inclination).

3. Connect cables with snap connectors (no tools needed)

4. Plug the Smart Solar Panel and/or the Smart Battery into any standard power outlet (using our Safety Gate Adapter) – production will start immediately.

5. Clip the power meter into the circuit breaker box (still no tools needed).

6. Register all devices with barcodes in our free App. For a set of one Smart Solar Panel + Battery that would be two barcodes.


2. Set up Your Craftstrom Smart Battery

Our Smart Battery is similarly easy to install. Well, easier, actually. Simply unbox it, place the battery in the smart base and plug it into any power outlet. Make sure to register the battery in our free App, to let the battery know that you also own a Smart Panel. Our App will then ensure that these two connect and communicate about current and future power production. Yes, future, too.

This is because you can either manage the battery yourself, which is super easy, or you can allow our AI to help you. It will take your location data (with your permission) and use weather & sun data to anticipate power production for the next day.

What you get in your first battery delivery is the main battery itself, plus the beautiful smart base, which houses the electronics for use in your home. This main battery has extension ports, so you can install 3 additional batteries with the smart base. Those batteries will then increase your energy capacity.

Each battery has 1 Kilo-Watt-Hour. The kWh is the unit for how much energy you’re using. With the extension batteries, you can have a total of 4kWh for one power outlet. That is enough power to run your 50 inch LED TV and a Playstation 4 for up to 17 hours.


3. Plug Devices Into Standard Power Outlets

You might have already read about our products and how they are “permission-free and NEC compliant”. This is through a combination of sensors in the Smart Solar Panel & Battery and in our Safety Devices.

The Safety Gate Adapter is an intelligent sensor that compares readings in our solar panel or battery and readings in the power outlet, through which you’ve connected them. It will compare those values and act like a circuit breaker in each active outlet, ensuring the safety of your home, according to the National Electric Code (NEC). Simply plug it into the power outlet, before connecting the Solar Panel or the Battery.

The Power Meter is a measuring device that hooks up to the main electrical lines coming into your house and calculates how much power you’re currently using. It comes with two clamps that wrap around the insulation of the main power lines and require no tools. A simple click & release and those clamps start sending signals to your App, after registration.


4. Download Craftstrom App and Set Up Devices

The CraftStrom App is free and provides you with the capabilities of monitoring your devices, managing the power split between your home and the battery. It is also essential for registering the devices after installation, to ensure that all devices work harmoniously and your data is safely stored.
The process of registering the devices is simple and requires no prior knowledge. It’s a simple scan-and-connect task.

But the App can be so much more…

  • Monitor devices and your success
  • Control devices according to what you need
  • Task our AI to help you optimize your battery usage
  • Audit your monthly power bill – simply compare the readings from our Power Meter in “kWh” to the “kWh” sent in the utility bill
  • Share your success with your friends on Social Media
  • See how your efforts are helping the environment