Generally, a warranty is our promise, as a warrantor, to stand behind our products. It is a statement about the integrity of our products and about our commitment to correct problems should our products fail.

The short story

As a product design and engineering company, we provide certain warranties for our products. These are based on industry standards. Generally, we provide 2 years of product warranties, except for our solar inverter and solar panels, for which we provide a 10 year product warranty. We also provide a performance guarantee with respect to the output of our solar panels – 80% output after 20 years. However, there are certain conditions for a warranty to apply. For these, please keep reading.

The long story

We at CraftStrom warrant to you, the buyers that the equipment, components or tools which are manufactured and delivered by us will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years (or such other length of time specified in a personal quotation) from the date said equipment, component or tool is put into operation, but in no event later than eighteen (30) months from the date of shipment (six months after the expiration of the warranty period). If any item of equipment, component or tool shall prove defective in material or workmanship during the above warranty period, you have a period of thirty (30) days notify us, in writing, of such defect and we shall, at our option, adjust, modify, repair or replace said item of equipment, component or tool, or refund the purchase price of said item. CraftStrom shall have the option to have it returned to it, F.O.B. its factory, or to make such adjustment, modification, repair or replacement at the point of installation. However, with respect to any item of equipment, component or tool which has been improperly stored, installed, operated or maintained or which you, the Buyer, have yourself modified, replaced, adjusted, or repaired or have permitted modifications, replacements, adjustments, or repairs by third persons, without our consent, CraftStrom shall have no obligation under this warranty provision. Items which are not manufactured but supplied by us shall be covered by the warranty, if any, of the manufacturer or supplier thereof and CraftStrom shall not be responsible in any way for said terms.

A performance guarantee in production capacity of 85% is provided by us for 25 years. However, this guarantee only applies, should no discernible damages be visible by visual and technical evaluation.