Craftstrom’s Mission

We are a dedicated team of industry professionals with over 40 years of experience from a wide variety of fields. Our team consists of multiple engineers from the fields of electrical and mechanical engineering, software development, with specializations in battery development, energy efficiency, and machine learning. Industrial design, energy economics, marketing, and other, equally important industries round out our team. 

It’s the diversity in our professional experience that has helped us so far in the development of this ambitious project. This team was set up from within a group of friends, some of whom studied and worked together, meaning that we were aware of our flaws and mannerisms.


Stephan has an MSc in Industrial Engineering and worked in automotive and oil & gas before venturing into renewable energy. Previous ventures include an automated solar container system for oil & gas companies and a energy infrastructure consultancy. Stephan manages CraftStrom together with his brother, Michael.



Michael (BA, MBA), Stephan’s brother, is a trained product designer, who founded and sold a company that manufactures fitness products. It was there that he garnered first experiences in production planning, logistics, etc, as he manufactured in China. He is now responsible for the design, production, testing and certification of Li-Ion batteries. His experiences and contacts are vital for the production of our smart hardware products.



Christian is a lawyer by trade (PhD), but worked as a consultant in the oil&gas business, where he met Stephan. They worked together in strategy consulting and M&A, where they fast became friends. Christian heads the CraftStrom holding company. Not only is he vital on the strategic side, but he also handles our IP and general legal side.



Justin was Director of Marketing at Teamviewer, before starting his won marketing agency and joining CraftStrom as a partner. 


Jun is a trained electrical engineer and our senior hardware engineer. Before working with Craftstrom, he was employed by a major battery manufacturer.



Trista was one of our first employees and is essential to managing suppliers, shipping and projects. Especially in times of a Covid pandemic, we rely on excellent managers like her to keep us running.


Tomislav is a software engineer and programmed not only our App backend, but is also responsible for AI development.



Elisabeta is an expert in user experience and interaction design. She designed our App’s look and feel.


Ramon is a software engineer and developed our App frontend. He ensures that the App continues to work flawlessly and keeps adapting to new ideas andchallenges.


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